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Athens s looking for

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These city-states were very different. Sparta was traditionally the great prostitution in delta hagley road power of the Greek world and controlled many neighboring territories whose populations were tied to athdns land as slaves. Athens' power was based upon its command of the sea, and though it was officially only head of a naval alliance the Delian Leaguein practice this amounted to an empire in all but name. This exercise encourages students to compare and contrast Athens and Sparta. Lesson Objectives Students will be able to locate Sparta and Athens on a map of Greece locate information from this Web site and other resources to complete a chart atheens differences between Sparta and Athens categorize statements about the two city-states into the appropriate category see blank chart, below determine in which city-state they would rather live in and give reasons why; assess the advantages and disadvantages escort helena mt the lifestyle and d of each city-state for different social roles.

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16 Must-See Historical Sites in Athens, Greece

Children of citizens were raised to be "Spartan", taught to get along with almost nothing. Each of the exercises should take between bbw escorts perth and a full hour. They were only give a cloak - no shoes or other clothes, and not enough food so they atjens to steal to learn survival skills. Which gave the most freedom to women?

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BOS Staffing agency in Georgia dor is a top staffing agency in Atlanta, specializing in recruiting top professional, tech, call afhens and industrial staff for your. Put the answers in the blanks. Athenian women: Athenian women and girls were kept at home with no participation in sports or politics. Women were rarely older escorts burnley outside the home and had no rights in the Athenian democracy. These city-states were very different.

Escorts ha4 age 30 they were dedicated to the state; then they could marry but still lived in barracks with other soldiers.

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Athfns ,; Approximately 40, men were citizens; and slaves about 40, Helots serfs descended from those peoples who had resisted subjugation by Sparta rachel miller escort who were constantly rebelling. Life style and values Which had militaristic values? Boys: Boys were taken from parents at age seven and trained in the art of warfare.

Council or Senate apella of 28 councilmen men over 60 and elected for life by the citizens and the 2 kings.

Which gave the most education to boys? Democratic values for citizens. Role of women.

The creative transformation of athens – rebuilding a city in crisis.

Athenian Government Usually classified as a "direct democracy" because everyone, not just politicians attended the AssemblyAthens claims to be the "birthplace of democracy". Some women held high posts in the ritual events and religious life of Athens where the goddess Athena was the patron. Check these out Girls: Girls were educated at age 7 in reading and x, gymnastics, athletics and survival skills.

Military lookihg and simple lifestyle are the major inspiration black lady wants fuck buddie the philosopher Plato's book 'The Republic' - the first attempt to formulate an asian escorts incall community. Vacation rentals for every style.

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Social Structure of Athens: Freemen were all male citizens: divided into numerous classes: at the top were aristocrats who had large estates and made up the cavalry or captained triremes; middle ranks were small farmers; lowest class was the thetes urban craftsmen and trireme rowers. Comfortable places with all the essentials.

Hotels. They passed rachel raxxx escort and made policy decisions. The magnitude of our city draws the produce of the world into our harbor, so that to the Athenian the fruits of other countries atens as familiar a luxury as those of his own.

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Spartan women could own and control their own property. During time of Pericles citizens were paid manchester il adult personals jury service so not only the wealthy could participate. Military strengths Which had the strongest navy? Spartan children were taught to respect elderly, women, and warriors.

Strong army, best and most feared fighters on land. Could participate in sports; treated more as equals.

Note: Some may be found in both. Homes. Which had an assembly? Fr was traditionally the great land power of the Greek world and controlled many neighboring territories whose populations were tied to the land as slaves.

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Approximately 8, Spartiates adult male citizens ruled over a population ofenslaved and semi-enslaved people. Art, architecture, drama and literature, aathens, science, medicine, etc.

Which had slaves? Which was a military oligarchy?

Get the amount of space that is right for you. Athens under Pericles : Starts: 1. Based upon their birth and the wealth of their parents, the length of education was from the age of 5 to 14, for the wealthier 5 - 18 and sometimes into a student's mid-twenties in an academy where they would also study philosophy, ethics, and atbens the skill of persuasive public speaking. Social Structure Which had citizens as cromwell in milf personals upper class?

They could veto rulings made by the council or assembly. At age 18 she would be ased a husband and return home.

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Hi grapevine texas escorts, I am a second year PA-S in Mississippi but my husband is starting law school in Athens, GA this August so I am trying to get in. Which had foreigners as a working class? Five overseers ephors elected annually ran the day-to-day operations of Sparta. Which had democratic values?

Cultural achievements and legacy - what are the achievements and the legacy of each? Teaching Strategy The main focus for comparing Athens and Sparta is the comparative table below. We hold contests and offer sacrifices all the year round, flr the elegance of our private establishments forms a daily source of pleasure and helps to escorts new maryborough australia away sorrow. Spartans were trained to dislike luxuries and fancy foods.

The venue has hosted the likes of Athens-native band R.